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Why choose window painting??

It is a proven fact that businesses with window paintings bring in more business!  Bright, splashy colors help draw customers' eyes and get them in the door.  Window painting is much more cost effective than buying a TV ad or even a vinyl sign.  For a fraction of the price, window painting will do more for your business! 

The key to this is to frequentlychange the message. Advertising saturation is when your audience really just stops noticing your ad anymore. They've seen it so much that it doesn't catch their eye any longer. So the more changes you create for your customers, the more they will notice your store front. Sure you can use balloons, and widgets, and all kinds of different STUFF to accomplish this. The goal though, should be to catch eyes, plain and simple. Nothing says this better than, for example, a low price offer, and the solution it provides at the same time, in big, bold, bright window painting. Stop paying for expensive vinyl, and choose versatile, customizable, window paint by a professional instead!

Contact me today for your FREE estimate on your Holiday, Seasonal, Sales, and Promotional windows!  Now servicing Utah and Salt Lake Counties
(if you live outside these areas, feel free to contact me, as I am willing to travel further for a small fee).

                                       Rebecca Sorensen